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The prefecture of Chalkidiki is consisted from the following three peninsulas:


Kassandra is the most western peninsula of Chalkidiki’s trident. It is one of the most famous places in Chalkidiki with a particular development towards tourism, displaying a lot concerning the cultural and tourist field.It is a heavenly and peaceful place, with immense sandy beaches and pine-clad locations that reach the aquamarine sea.

The beautiful locations seem as if no one has ever stepped on their pure ground, with the dense vegetation and the clear waters heading for a glorious unification.

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Sithonia is the middle peninsula of Chalkidiki and its beauty is similar to that of the Kassandra peninsula. While on a tour in Sithonia you can admire endless majestic landscapes, picturesque little harbors, wonderful golden beaches, secluded bays next to olive plantations, lovely meadows and deep green forests, peaceful fishers’ villages and also the amazing architecture of houses and churches.

Only in Chalkidiki you can admire glorious beaches with the perfect combination of green and blue as when the wind gently blows the pine trees meet the waves.

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Geography: Mount Athos is situated in the eastern and most enchanting third peninsula of Chalkidiki, which is called the peninsula of Athos. It is the only place in Greece, which is totally devoted to praying and worshiping God and thus, it is called the Holy Mount.

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The Holy Mount or the Mount Athos has about 50 Km length, 8 to 12 Km width and it covers a surface of about 350 square kilometers. The borders of the monasterial city are set on the ground by an imaginary line that begins from the location “Fragokastro” on the West coast and reaches the cape “Arapis” on the opposite side. The natural beauty of the peninsula is wonderful.

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The Mount Athos that dominates there is an enormous cone of 2.033 meters height. It’s bare top that seems to be piercing the sky and its slopes, which are full of old evergreens, give the area a unique natural beauty.


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