Speaking of Epirus, there are two regions of interest, Zagoria and Tzoumerka.

Zagoria is one of the most picturesque regions of Greece with many authentic, stone villages and magnificent views of the Pindos mountains. It is a good base for trekking in Vikos Gorge, Mt.Gamila and Mt. Smolikas.

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Tzoumerka are unknown to most tourists. It is a secluded region of wild natural beauty where tourism now starts developing at a slow pace.The region’s highlight is Arachtos river, probably the most beautiful river of the country, and its authentic villages with a magnificent view of mountain ranges.

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On the way from Ioannina to Konitsa, near Kleidonia village, Voidomatis, flowing to join Aoos river, comes out from its wild verdant gorge to enter Konitsa plain.

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The stone bridges were built by the people of Epirus in the 18th century and were used by them to pass the river banks and communicate with the adjacent villages. These bridges are completely harmonized with the natural environment and give a distinctive charm to the various rivers and rivulets over which they stand proudly and elegantly.The time is late autumn and the place is very colourful.


Sivota is a scenic coastal village with rare natural beauty situated in Thesprotia, north of the Ionic Sea. It lies only 24 km south of Igoumenitsa, opposite Corfu. Its natural beauties attract both Greek and foreign vacationers, showing a significant increase over recent years.

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The wonderful nature of Parga, her history, only a breath away from the Preveza – Igoumenitsa highway, her harmonious natural beauty her picturesque bays, the golden beaches, her flowers, the green colors from the olive and orange trees and the endless beaches have constituted her as the jewel of Epirus and a place of attraction for Greeks and foreigners.

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