Facts about our Motorhomes

Facts about Motorhomes
Facts about Motorhomes

Motorhomes are known by several different names in Europe, depending on what country you are from, but the general term would be either Motorhome or Campervan. Travelers from the United States call them RVs or “Recreational Vehicles”.

Motorhomes Rental Rates

Rates of hire vary according to season, and rates are of course higher in the months of July and August, the generally accepted “High Season”. If you wish to book a Motorhome in High Season, you are strongly advised to book several months in advance as demand far outstrips supply. If you are looking for a good deal, keep in mind that you can get a discount for long term camper van rental.

Motorhomes Facilities

Most of our fleet is up to date and in some cases they are current year models. Motorhomes are all diesel or turbo diesel powered and are very fuel efficient. You can expect to get 25 – 35 miles per gallon or 8 – 12 litre per 100 kilometres on normal driving. Motorhomes are very easy to drive, and it will only take an hour or two to get used to the fact that it is a larger vehicle. Motorhomes come in model sizes from 2 berths to 6 berths, and are equipped with showers and toilets, central heating and a hot water boiler. We offer extras like bedding and crockery and pots and pans to facilitate overseas customers.

Facts about Motorhomes

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