The main cost of the Motorhome Rental is going to be the Base price, along with any Optional extras that you choose and the Service fee of 120,00 Euro including the following:

  • 2 x 10 kg Propane Gas bottles
  • 1 Bottle of Biodegradable toilet chemical
  • Detailed introduction (~2hrs) 
  • Test Drive
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Cutlery, dishes, pots & pans

This depends on how far in advance of the pickup date you are booking.

Our normal practice is to take a deposit the 30% of the total amount on confirmation of the booking. The remainder of the rental charge is taken just before the pickup.

If you are booking with less than 10 days to go before the pickup date, we will need to take the full amount of the booking on confirmation.

All offers for travels in between Greece includes unlimited kilometer packages.

Yes, insurance is included in all our Motorhomes.

Please note, however, that in most cases there is an Excess Amount clause in the insurance. This means that you would be liable for a set amount of the cost of any damage you cause to the Motorhome.

You are liable for the first Euro 1.000 Euro of damage. If the motorhome is returned undamaged, this deposit will be refunded.

Yes this possible for every Saturday or Sunday of the year.

Usually you would be taken from us from the Airport of Athens to the spot to pick up your motorhome, and vice versa for a drop-off. Any other pick-up spots or Airports in Greece are available with extra charges.

For city locations you will have to make early enough arrangements with us to get to the pick up depot.

Vehicle pick up and drop off times are:

Pick up after 15:30 afternoon.

Drop off before 12:00 noon.

Please be aware that renting a Motorhome is very different from picking up a Rental Car. Paperwork and contracts must be completed and your credit card may have to be charged. The Insurance Excess and any Extras that have been ordered have to be checked.

You also have to be shown how to use all the Motorhome systems (heating, waste treatment, cooking etc.) and the Motorhome has to be inspected to note any pre-existing damage. After this check you will be asked to sign a document saying you agree that the inspection was correct.

The above process takes time and cannot be rushed, so please allow 1-2 hours for the collection.

For security reasons we require the deposit to be paid via a charge to a Credit Card (PayPal), bank transfer or cash.

No, where the Insurance Excess / Security Deposit is being taken by Credit Card, the Credit Card needs to be used at the depot by the owner of the card.

You cannot pay with someone else’s Credit Card, even if they have given it to you with their permission. This would be against the terms and conditions of any Credit Card.

You will receive a full orientation tour of the motorhome, including maintenance operations and your responsibilities when using the Motorhome.

The Motorhome should be inspected to note any pre-existing damage. After this check you will be asked to sign a document saying you agree that the inspection was correct.

Generally your full national B category license is enough.

You do not need any special driver’s license to drive a motorhome in most cases. Full details are in the terms and conditions on your booking or quotation.

>>But remember motorhomes are generally large vehicles and driving experience is required <<

Our Motorhomes have 24-hour nationwide roadside assistance.

If the Motorhome does break down, simply call us – the telephone details will be on your confirmation document.

No! In fact, they handle much the same as a car.

You just need to be aware, especially with the larger motorhomes, that you have to take extra care parking in cities as they are longer and will be more difficult to park.

The number of seat-belts depends on the vehicle.

Most of the time the berth size of the vehicle indicates the number of seat belts and the number of passengers the vehicle is designed for.

Depending on the model of vehicle, normally 2 people can sit in the front and up to 4 at the back of the motorhome. Seat-belts are located around the dining table..

Yes, however, we strongly recommend that you use soft bags instead of suitcases for your luggage. Soft bags take up less room and fit easier into the storage cupboards and lockers in the vehicle.

There is plenty of storage under the beds, and some motorhomes come with a large compartment (garage) in the rear where you can also store bicycles.

All Motorhomes has air conditioning in the drivers cab area. Some of our models are equipped with a 2nd air condition for the leaving area.  Please check the extra equipment we already add to each motorhome.

Connecting the motorhome to campsite facilities requires no technical expertise. You will receive instruction on these connections at the time of the pick up.

You simply plug into the mains power supply, fill your water tank and you can empty your toilet cartridge in the toilet facility.

Our Motorhomes are turbo diesel powered and are very fuel efficient.

You can expect to get 25 – 35 miles per gallon or 8 – 12 litre per 100 kilometres on normal driving.

The refrigerator, heater, water heater, stove and range operate on propane gas.

The dash air conditioner is powered by the engine while driving and other items by an outside 220V power supply, or 12V Battery. Vehicles have a dual battery system.

You can park anywhere in Greece like all other cars unless it otherwise states that you cannot park in that location. 

Generally speaking, it is much safer to park overnight in a camp-ground.

Yes. However we do not recommend it. Please use your common sense! It is strongly recommended not to stay overnight on Motorway or Autobahn rest places as they may not be safe.

Yes, there is a gas heater using a balanced flue arrangement.

This takes it’s air from outside and expels the gas fumes externally, thus it is safe to leave on low overnight if required. There is also a gas boiler for hot water which will supply both the sink and the shower.

This entirely depends on how much water you use!

Normally with sparingly use is enough for 4 persons for 2-3 Days.

If the Motorhome has a solar system, you have enough power (as long as the sun shines), otherwise you need to plug it in DC 220V external sourse.

Not a bad idea would be a Power Generator for no energy limits.

You can enjoy hiring a Motorhome in the winter or to visit ski slopes – they can be heated and the driving should be manageable.

Having said that if the road conditions are very poor than driving a motorhome is not advisable.

Yes. There are hefty hourly fines.

Please understand if you are late delivering back the Motorhome you are holding up the next rental customer.


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