Motorhomes Rental Policy & Lease Terms

Motorhome Camper Van and Recreation Vehicle (RV) Rental In Greece

Authorized Drivers

The minimum age to hire/drive a rental vehicle is 21. Further more, the hirer/authorized driver must have held a valid class B driving license for at least one year. The vehicle is only to be driven by the hirer and the drivers named in the rental. Drivers are always required to have held a valid driving license for at least 3 years.

Service Fee

A service fee of 120,00 Euro has to be calculated always in the rental & includes the following:

  • 2 x Gas cylinders, which one of them will be always full
  • Bottle of Biodegradable toilet chemicals
  • A filled fuel tank
  • Detailed introduction (~2hrs) for the correct handling of the Motorhome, and a Test Drive
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Cutlery, dishes, pots & pans

Replacement Vehicle

If the reserved vehicle cannot be supplied at the rental station, the lesser reserves the right to provide a vehicle of similar size and similar equipped, or a larger vehicle. In this case, no additional rental costs are incurred by the customer. If a smaller vehicle is offered and it is accepted by the renter, the price difference between the two vehicles will be refunded.

If additional costs arise due to the provision of a larger vehicle, such as ferry and toll charges or running costs, these are paid by the renter.

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Motorhome Camper Van and Recreation Vehicle (RV) Rental In Greece

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