Comfort class motorhomes meet the highest motor homing standards. Extremely comprehensive, exclusive standard equipment, intelligent interior design concepts, plenty of storage space and a high payload reserve, winter resistance, a user-friendly heating system, multi-purpose double floor, GRP roof coating, exclusive wood finishes, and other features transform these motorhomes into something truly special.

Over a length of 7.15 m, the Comfort class motorhome offers a spacious seating group for up to 5 people with a 1.40 m long side bench, a kitchen with plenty of working space and a bathroom with separate shower all of the comforts that are normally only found in larger Campers.





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With the convertible dinette, the interior layout is well-planned. Extreme habitability and a wealth of space devoted to services are striking features. Aesthetically impeccable, with their new upholstery and the latest style of furniture, the interior of the Comfort Class represents the achievement of the perfect organization of space for living quarters in a totally human dimension. .

Comfort Class Motorhome Camper Van and Recreation Vehicle (RV) Facilities

The basic equipment includes a kitchen, incl. large refrigerator with separate freezer and sink, as well as a washroom with fresh-water flush toilet, washbasin and a (mostly separated) shower cubicle.

The living area of the Camper is really comfortable and the table can be transformed to a double bed. The over cab profile Motorhome is spacious inside. The backside double wheel gives also driving stability. 

With typical features of higher range Campers, the Comfort class Motorhome is the best choice for comfortable living. The cab equipment is truly substantial.

The passenger compartment excels in terms of spaciousness with a wealth of accessories for the driving comfort and safety of a nimble vehicle that is easy to drive. The comfortable dinette with home-sized kitchen offers excellent habitability during the day. This Motorhome has excellent ventilation system and a big garage at the back.



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